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MIPS, proud indemnity partners of AUSS.

MIPS provide indemnity to 4 out of 5 medical students; more than just indemnity, we provide you with protection and support throughout your medical career. 

 Throughout this journey you will see us at events organised by AUSS, you may see MIPS representatives at your Clinical Schools.  You will also have access to our online webinars and modules, if ever you have a question, a concern or you need a helping hand, MIPS are here for you.  

Not sure what indemnity is?  We will provide cover for any acts, errors or omissions you make in providing healthcare. This includes being sued.      

We are a not for profit, membership-based organisation, committed to providing more than just indemnity cover to our members. 

In addition to the comprehensive indemnity cover that is part of membership, members also have access to 24-hour Clinico-Legal Support provided by experienced doctors and lawyers and accredited risk education.   

Membership is available to healthcare students, healthcare practitioners practising medicine, dentistry, oral health or nuclear medicine technology and international healthcare practitioners. 













boq specialist


BOQ Specialist is committed to supporting the financial future of medical students. Having worked closely with the medical profession for over 30 years, their team have a deep understanding of the unique challenges you will face throughout your career, particularly during those demanding early stages. You may find you need help towards your rising course fees, upcoming overseas electives, everyday living expenses, buying a new car to travel to clinical placements or even saving for your first home. BOQ Specialist recognise your degree and will support you throughout your studies, providing access to a range of banking products and services that have been designed to meet your specific needs at each point in your journey.



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Hood Sweeney is a key financial services partner for the Adelaide University Surgical Society. Our specialist Health Team can prepare you for your future in medicine; we help you understand your finances now and into the future, and work alongside you through your medical career to secure financial stability.

As an AUSS key partner, Hood Sweeney offers special discounts to AUSS members including a free, first tax return.

Secure your financial future with Hood Sweeney.


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Built by a dedicated team of surgeons, Primary Anatomy is a must have surgical anatomy resource for students, Pre-SET and RACS trainees. 

With a comprehensive range of resources, including Australia’s largest and most trusted question bank, Primary Anatomy is the perfect tool to enhance your anatomy knowledge and preparation for the Generic Surgical Sciences Exam (GSSE).

Regardless of your stage of learning, choose Primary Anatomy to boost your confidence and feel well prepared to tackle your surgical career.




AUSS is a not-for-profit committed to the surgical education of medical students. AUSS events are completely free for all students and so, we rely on our kind sponsors to keep running.  If you would like to sponsor an event/ AUSS in general please contact us. 

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